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DVS Clipster Gen 6

Clipster provides Master for all cinema packages.

Based on a newly designed hardware architecture, the Rohde & Schwarz Clipster Gen 6 Mastering Station brings image processing, DCI and IMF mastering to a new level. This version increases Clipster’s efficiency in high-end post production, specifically in 4K, high frame rates (HFR) and in the new colour space Rec.2020 .

Rohde & Schwarz offers Clipster 6 as a turnkey system in eight different models, offering two rack sizes and four expansion options.

The model range is divided into devices with four or five rack units. The models have either no internal memory, 7.6TB, or 15 TB and provide I / O performance of 4K up to 60 or up to 120fps.

The Clipster offers real-time video manipulation for HFR content. 4K material can be edited in real time at upto 60fps, depending on the system in use. Due to the enormous computing power, the Clipster is suited for processing 4K RAW data or for colour correction and preparation for mastering after completion of all image and sound processes. The play out of uncompressed content in 4K with up to 120fps is supported by the system.

Clipster can export (at very high speeds) formats for archival, media exchange packets for further processing, or screening copies for cinematic releases. Supporting Digital Source Master (DSM), Digital Cinema Distribution Master (DCDM ) for archiving, Digital Cinema Package (DCP ) as an encrypted cinema version or unencrypted, and also IMF.

The new version can easily generate IMF packages and manage the IMF workflow. Clipster can support a range of post production requirements, from simple QC functions, through to a mastering station with full-featured, IMF and DCP delivery.

Clipster offers HDR  mastering to support Dolby Vision. Dolby Vision has a comprehensive workflow including the synchronization of the timeline and metadata for HDR signals. For mastering this metadata, the timeline metadata can be added directly into the MXF.

Dolby Vision metadata can be output directly from the Clipster via SDI. This metadata contains information about how the dynamics of a signal need to be adapted to the respective target display.

The Clipster supports screen resolution from SD to 4K. Formats with bit depths 8-16 bit and codecs such as Panasonic AVC-Ultra, Apple ProRes , JPEG2000, Sony XDCAM , and Sony XAVC can be processed up to 4K. In addition, the machine is capable of ingesting numerous RAW formats for maximum flexibility. The new colour management functions extend the variety of colour formats and allow immediate transformations between standardised colour spaces and individual colour formats.

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