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Danmarks Radio Delivery Reqirements

The following parameters give an overview of the delivery guidelines of Danmarks Radio.

DR (Danmarks Radio) accepts the following HD-formats:

  • preferred: 720p/50, 1080i/50
  • accepted: 1080p/25
  • 60hz-HD-material will only be accepted from countries where this is the standard format
  • DVCPro 50 HD, ProRes 422HD (XDCam HD , DNxHD upon request only)
  • Wrapper MXF OP1a or Quicktime

DR accepts the following SD-formats:

  • 576i/25 in aspect ratio 16:9 anamorphic
  • Pillar Box is acceptable
  • Letter Box is NOT acceptable
  • DVCPro50 preferred (IMX50, ProRes422HQ, P2 or DNx upon agreement only)
  • Wrapper MXF OP1a or Quicktime

All material has to be delivered in 16:9. Material in 14:9 or 4:3 letterbox aspect ratios will not be accepted.

The following media will be accepted for delivery:

  • Memory cards or hard drives
  • P2, SD, SDHC possible
  • Drives formatted as Win PC or Mac, USB or Firewire-Connection
  • File Transfer via (S)FTP, Faspex/Connect, Ascent 142 and DigiDelivery
    File exchange must be specified in license agreement

Additional information Sound:

DR require loudness normalized to EBU R 128. This should be considered mandatory in sound mixing.

Delivery Specifications Danmarks Radio_Eng

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