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CANAL+ Delivery Requirements

The following parameters give an overview of the delivery guidelines of Canal +.

The following parameters represent an overview of these guidelines. These are not legally binding. 
Legally binding is the attached document "Delivery Requirements Canal+ v6.0".

CANAL+ accepts following HD-video format for delivery:

  • 1080i/25
  • MPEG2 XDCAM HD422 @ HL 50MBit/s
  • Wrapper MXF OP1a

CANAL+ accepts following SD-video format for delivery:

  • Video resolution HxV: 720x608 (the 32 lines of VBI are encoded)
  • MPEG2 “IMX50” D10 encoding profile (intra 422P@ML 50Mb/s)
  • The aspect ratio information (16/9 or 4/3) will be properly filled:
    mandatory : in the « aspect_ratio_information » flag of the « sequence header » of MPEG2 ( see ISO-IEC 13818-2).
    if possible : in the « aspect ratio » flag of the « Generic Picture Essence Descriptor » of the MXF file

Tape-based delivery:

  • Blank videotapes should be used
  • The tape should include tracking capabilities without any discontinuity over the useful part (line up signals, programme leader, programme, ending).
  • The digital recording must not include any portion with the channel status indicator going to RED
  • The dominant field will always be field 1.
  • NOTE: for HDCAM-SR and HDCAM formats (in HD), the duration indicated on the tapes correspond to 60Hz formats. The amount of time available in the 50Hz set-up is significantly greater (+20%). Thus, a tape marked as 94 min could actually contain 112 min of programmes. A tape marked as 124 min could actually contain 148 min of programmes, etc.

Additional information for audio:

The loudness of each version (stereo and 5.1) shall conform with the EBU R128 recommendation, including the downmix of the 5.1 version. The MXF file shall always have 4 or 8 audio tracks. Each audio track shall contain a single mono AES3 channel (24 bits 48 Khz).

Delivery Requirements Canal+ v6.0

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