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File Delivery - the story so far

This report presents the story of the UK broadcast industry’s transition to file delivery

At IBC 2013, in a time when delivery of finished programmes on videotape was the norm, the Digital Production Partnership announced that 1st October 2014 would mark File Delivery Day for all UK broadcasters. From that date, ITV and Channel 4 would join Channel 5 and Sky in accepting commissioned programme deliveries as files by default, and the BBC would begin accepting files from internal and independent producers. All the broadcasters committed to using the AS-11 DPP standard the partnership had previously published, requiring a minimum set of metadata as well as particular formats of audio and video.

Having all the UK’s broadcasters make the same change to their processes at the same time was an extraordinary moment of coordinated action. Moreover, the postproduction houses, production companies, equipment manufacturers and others also had a critical role in making this moment a success. Even those who’ve been in the industry for many years will find it hard to recall another point where the industry made such a joint commitment. So a little over six months on, how successful has the change been? The UK broadcasting industry can now truly call itself file based, even if there are some small pockets of tape still to be rooted out. The production, post-production, broadcaster and vendor communities have worked hard to overcome the inevitable challenges and teething troubles, with the DPP providing a focal point for this wide-reaching change work. When the partnership set out on this journey perhaps we underestimated how much work lay ahead; yet we also underestimated just how incredible an effort the whole industry would put in, and how much success we could achieve in so little time.

This report presents the story of the UK broadcast industry’s transition to file delivery, examining where we’ve got to in a short time (over 90% file delivery for some broadcasters); what the challenges have been (new technology and new workflows); and what’s still to be done.

Please read the document attached (pdf).

File Delivery - the story so far

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