The DPP - Business Benefits of IP Production

In Board rooms all over the world right now there is talk of a move to IP – or ‘Internet protocol’ – working.

The Context
In Board rooms all over the world right now there is talk of a move to IP – or ‘Internet protocol’ – working. And all over the world technologists are leaving those Board rooms still dripping from the cold water poured on them by Finance Directors and CEOs.
The meeting probably went wrong the moment one of those executives asked the dreaded question: ‘what will be the return on our investment?’

The move to IP based working is one of those every-decade-or-so infrastructure changes that everyone knows is inevitable, but few can explain when, how – or possibly even why. As will become evident from this report, the long term benefits of IP production are irrefutable: it is the technology the media industry requires to enable its never-ending appetite for greater quality, scale, speed and value.

But that’s unlikely to be an answer that will cut much ice right now with the Finance Director. She or he will want to know more precisely which applications of IP technology are going to offer the greatest benefits, to whom and when. And will those benefits be cost savings; cost avoidance; creative benefits or competitive advantage?

Time and again at the DPP we have found ourselves being asked what the benefits of IP production actually are. It’s a question made all the more difficult by the wide range of meanings given to the term. ‘IP production’ covers such a broad range of activities it has become almost meaningless, much like ‘digital.’

So to answer the questions regarding both benefits and definition, we have spoken to experts from across the media industry – people who are working in areas directly impacted by the introduction of IP technology. The results of those conversations are presented here.