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Nucoda Filmmaster

The Digital Vision Nucoda grading and finishing system is a comprehensive colour correction and online editing system.

The Nucoda Online Editor has integration points into AVID , Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro workflows although specific integration workflows do differ.

The extensive implementation of AAF (Advanced Authoring Format) ensures seamless integration into Avid environments and Nucoda supports the Avid Interplay media management system which is often used in complex, networked production environments.

Within Premiere Pro workflows, AAF is a powerful tool for exchanging editing projects, audio and video assets and conform metadata thus enabling image and metadata roundtrips as well as delivery for final on-line editing.

Nucoda supports processing of 2K and 4K material in different file formats. Image sequences in DPX or TIFF and RAW file image data such as CanonRAW, SonyRAW, ARRIRAW, RedCode RAW, Phantom, Silicon Imaging SI-2k and the open RAW standard, CinemaDNG are all supported.

This RAW image data is debayered directly in Nucoda software. Additionally, industry standard codecs like ProRes in a QuickTime wrapper or DNxHD in an MXF wrapper along with the AAF exchange format can be processed. It is also possible with Nucoda to produce Windows ProRes data.

In addition to the full version of Nucoda, there is also the ‘Nucoda Look’ product. This is a stripped-down version of the Nucoda grading and finishing system and works well as an assist station for pre-corrections, preparing grading timelines or generating deliverables.

Tools for film processing

Besides providing the core colour grading tools, Nucoda has full ACES implementation and stereoscopic 3D grading features. There are also the Digital Vision DVO tools which provide a range of very powerful, well-established mechanisms for the repair of video artefacts, format conversion, restoration of film scans and the repair of defective camera image outputs.
The current version of Nucoda DVO Classic contains the tools ‘Grain’, ‘Aperture’, ‘Regrain’, and ‘Brickwall’. ‘Grain’ removes unwanted film grain or digital camera noise. ‘Aperture’ enables sophisticated sharpening of the image or the restoration of high-frequency image content that may have been lost in film scanning. ‘Regrain’ adds natural looking film grain to the often clean, high-resolution electronic images of modern digital cameras to make them appear more "cinematic". Film grain can be a problem for compression algorithms so DVO ‘Brickwall’ minimises compression artefacts by applying compression pre-processing using definable frequency filters.  There is a total of 22 different DVO tools.

Hardware Requirements

Nucoda software is a 64-bit application working with resolutions up to 4K.

Recommended system requirements are a Windows7 64-bit Professional system with 8-core Intel Xeon processors and at least 32GB of RAM along with a high-performance NVIDIA Quadro (K4000 or K5000) graphics card. A DVS Atomix card provides the video input and output. Internal RAIDs with interfaces such as USB3.0, Thunderbolt, SAS or Fibre Channel are highly recommended.

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