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Pomfort Silverstack und Livegrade

In Version 6.4 one of the most comprehensive and advanced data management tools for use on set and in post production.

It is suitable for small productions with little technical  knowledge and its strengths are in the management and security features.

Silverstack and Pomfort LiveGrade Pro can be combined in situations that require Look creation, data management, secure transfer and the creation of report for projects.

Data is quickly and reliably backed-up, to multiple sources, and creative decisions are communicated securely from the offline edit through post production and onto delivery.

Data Management

The software is used to securely transfer the original storage media onto any number of backup disks. The offload and copy process is highly efficient, allowing the user to set rules to back up to multiple locations and devices on ingest. Additional reassurance is provided via checksum verification.

Silverstack offers a number of checksum algorithms that can be applied to the rushes. It is possible to pre-plan projects, import templates and create job listings. Data management allows the user to annotate rushes and files and perform quality checks. It allows users to keep track of their media providing an overview of their project and the storage resources available.

In addition to the acquisition and editing of metadata, it is also possible to prepare the material for colour correction or editing and provide extensive reports in PDF, ALE or XML formats. All this information is available downstream for post production. The PDF reports are fully customisable and separate templates can be saved for different users. The metadata libraries of several Silverstacks can be merged or substituted, for productions that work with multiple teams simultaneously, making workflows simpler.

Colour Management

In addition to media management, Silverstack V5 also offers Colour (Look) management.

Separate Looks can be created for individual clips, using traditional colour correction software, then combined into a library. Look creation can use Pomfort’s LiveGrade Pro where colour metadata can be exported for further use, for example into Resolve. It is now possible to output images via 10bit HD-SDI to perform grading and quality control on a sufficiently large monitor.

LiveGrade Pro is closely integrated into the underlying media management platform and supports the creation of Looks that can be played directly from a camera or via a LUT box to the on-set monitor. Similarly, colour grades can be shown live via HD-SDI or 4K signals. This allows the control of Looks over the duration of the project and these Looks can be stored in an archive or exported as ASC CDLs or 3D LUTs.

By using Silverstack’s Offload Wizard it is possible to copy Looks automatically to the corresponding clips in the Silverstack Library and create pre-corrected transcodes to ProRes or H.264 . Pomfort’s Look creation can be exported to Assimilate SCRATCH, Colorfront, Resolve and Nucoda.

Hardware requirements

Silverstack requires an Intel-Mac system with OSX 10.9.5 or higher. When choosing the hardware, pay particular attention to data interfaces – USB3.0 or Thunderbolt are highly recommended. Silverstack XT (providing extended features over Silverstack) also supports the transfer of data onto LTO drives via LTFS.

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