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COPRA has been developed by the CinePostproduction GmbH as an iOS app for dailies reviews and approvals, used predominantly on an iPad (although is compatible with other iOS devices).

The user interface uses touch commands to browse clips or to define Looks in full-screen mode. The  zoom function in playback assists users to add visual annotations and comments. These Looks can be sent as CDL files for configuration in the camera or in the grading suite for post production. The tool also allows for the creation of user groups – which enables faster collaborations between multiple remote teams.

Each user can configure their individual timeline and view their material using ‘smart reels’. Text or graphic-based comments can then be sent to users working with COPRA, or emailed along with any reference images to colleagues not using COPRA.

The programme material is streamed over the internet onto the viewing device. To support secure working, a project must be registered, access to material hosted on online storage needs to be set, as does access rights for each device that can access the programme rushes.

To take full advantage of the use of COPRA it should be integrated into the workflow of your dailies management tool; Colorfront On-Set Dailies or Express Dailies, QTAKE HD, or MTI’s CORTEX which all use COPRA-compatible proxy files and metadata. Content can then be added within the app and up to three shooting days of footage can be stored for viewing offsite and offline.  COPRA works with AppleTV allowing it to display content on a larger monitor rather than the iPad.

Productions using COPRA can send the results of each working day on set to any location in the world. The dailies can be colour corrected, feedback added to the material – and then this version shared globally with Commissioners and Executive Producers.

Data security is an integral part of the design. Encryption is supported when streaming materials to devices that have been registered on the COPRA system. Alternatively users can be issued with web logins to protect access to the material. It is also possible to add individual watermarks to enable further traceability of content.

In 2019 CinePostproduction plans to release Copra5.

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