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ARRI Webgate

A cloud-based platform for uploading and viewing dailies, grades, edits or other work items.

With ARRI Webgate, uploaded video files can be easily streamed or made available for download for other operations.

Supported Formats and Codecs

Webgate accepts any video format and renders it into the appropriate download or streaming format in the background. It can also support the conversion of trailer-DCPs (without encryption), ProRes , DNxHD and XDCAM files.
There is no size limit for uploading files. Automated transcoding and the ability to view audio and video data from location can simplify workflows and save time.


Rushes stored in Webgate can be individually managed and sorted. It is possible to assign specific rules for a project. This allows the management of users as well as managing viewing or downloading rights. Individual playlists, galleries and tags can be created and additional metadata can be added.

Webgate can be used as part of a collaborative cloud production process, allowing commenting and sharing features across projects.

Webgate can exchange information with On Set Dailies as part of the workflow, by uploading XML files.

Integration into Pre-Production

ARRI Webgate is an integral part of Yamdu, a cross-platform application for production-planning.

Yamdu is available both as an app or as a browser-based platform. Yamdu takes elements such as tasks, crewing, finance, locations and rights-management and organises and schedules them into a workflow for production teams.

It is also possible to send audio and video to Yamdu users who do not have an ARRI Webgate account via ‘Directlink’, eliminating the need to create DVD or Blu-ray viewing copies which saves both time and budget.

Data Security

Data security is at the heart of Webgate. ARRI certifies that all content uploaded to Webgate is hosted in a data centre in Germany. The data center has an ISO 27001 certification for the implementation of appropriate security mechanisms. Content is only accessible via registered accounts and is password protected. Even Directlink can be password-protected. In addition individual watermarks can be set on videos to provide additional protection.

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