10 things to know about Connectivity

The DPP's 10 things to know about - Connectivity

10 things to know about Cyber Security

The DPP's 10 things to know series.

Archival Storage

Archival storage is optimized for very low cost and low footprint of media and a very long durability.

Are we fit for cyberwar? (part 1 of 3)

Many cyberattacks of the recent years were related to the media industry.

Are we fit for cyberwar? (part 2 of 3)

Many cyberattacks of the recent years were related to the media industry.

Backups and Disaster Recovery

Storage and computer technology is not flawless.


Protecting the integrity of data or at least detecting silent data corruption or malicous manipulation is a key requirement for storage and communication systems.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing describes a virtualized computing infrastructure for data and application hosting on hardware owned and operated by a cloud provider.

Cloud Storage

Use Cases, Features and Security of Cloud Storage.

Computer Architecture

Today, every computer type or digital film camera follows a common architecture.

Computer Performance and Metrics

Whether a particular computing device is fit for a given task in a media production workflow depends on multiple factors.

Data security in workflows

Different stages in a production workflow require specific tactics to protect filmic data from loss or damage.

Datarate Reductions

Data reduction methods are used to reduce the data rate of a stream or file.


Overview for formulas, storage space and transfer time. Please use as well the Data Calculator in DPP Film Tech App.

Digital Archiving - the DPP guide

A Contemplation of Digital Archiving.


Encryption is a cryptographic process.

File Transfer Software

Files can be transfered between computers in many different ways and over many different protocols.


Durable storage in computers is managed and structured by filesystems.

Input and Output (I/O)

High-performance I/O is a key component for an efficient media production workflow.

Local Mass Storage

Local Mass Storage and it's interfaces in a short.


LockitScript is an iPad app created to manage production scripts & continuity.

LTO Linear Tape Open

Format for long-term archiving data in film production.


The types of memory modules differ in capacity, speed, cost and power consumption.

Mobile Networking

Mobile cellular networks are deployed on almost every country.

Network Storage

Securely storing large amounts of data for shared access by multiple users is a central requirement in modern media production.

Networking Infrastructure

Computer networks consist of many interconnected devices (nodes).

Networking Protocols

Many different networking technologies exist.

Networking Security

None of the publicly available networking technologies provides sufficient security measures for critical business operations or private use.

Operating Systems (general)

The operating system (OS) is the central system software that manages all computer hardware resources.

Operating Systems - Overview

The operating system (OS) is the central system software that manages all computer hardware resources.


Processors are the central processing unit (CPU) inside computers.

Recording Device Atomos Shogun Flame

The Atomos Shogun is an external audio and video recorder.

Recording Device Blackmagic Video Assist

The Blackmagic Video Assist is a touchscreen-controlled field recording device.

Recording Device Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q+

The Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q+ is an external audio and video recorder.

Recording Devices Atomos Samurai and Ninja Blade

The Atomos Samurai and the Atomos Ninja are external recorders.

Recording Media AXSM

Memory Card Standard by SONY.

Recording Media CF/CFast

CompactFlash (CF) is a flash memory mass storage device used mainly in portable electronic devices.

Recording Media Codex Capture Drive

A flash memory mass storage device.

Recording Media P2

P2 ("Professional Plug-In") is a professional digital recording solid-state memory storage media format introduced by Panasonic.

Recording Media RED

Two types of RED storage.

Recording Media SD/SDHC/SDXC

Types and standards of inexpensive Recording Media.

Recording Media SR Memory

Media for F65 RAW-Recording

Recording Media SxS

SxS (S-by-S) is a flash memory standard.

Recording Media XQD

XQD card is a memory card format primarily developed for flash memory cards.

Risk Management

How to manage risk?

Security (Awareness)

In modern workflows it is often unfeasible or uneconomic to completely operate in private network environments or within the perimeter of a single organization.

Security Measures

Media technology has shifted from a solid mostly interoperable hardware-based fundament to a software-heavy landscape that runs on cheaper general purpose computing hardware.

Storage Classification

Overview about Storage for Recording, Transport, Online, Nearline and Offline.

Storage reliability

Storage technology is not flawless.

The DPP - Business Benefits of IP Production

In Board rooms all over the world right now there is talk of a move to IP – or ‘Internet protocol’ – working.

Wired Networking

Network nodes may be directly connected by a multitude of physical carrier technologies.

Wireless Networking

Using cables for network connectivity is both costly and cumbersome, hence wireless networking technologies gain traction.