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Image Stabilisation

A shaky, blurred video is often a problem.

A shaky, blurred video is often a problem incurred due to the use of light handheld cameras or a lack of tripod. Sadly if the material have already been recorded and the production have found some rushes that suffer from excessive motion, or shake, - or maybe there are some amazing news rushes given to a producer from a poorly shot mobile phone source -  the only choice is to look at what image stabilisation tools are available to rescue the material. The good news is that image stabilisation is now build into most of the large editing tools. It generally works quite reliably and is largely automated, so there are no elaborate post-production processes needed.

How to use image stabilisation in Adobe Premiere Pro , AVID Media Composer NLEs and Final Cut Pro X and and how should you set is up, is covered in the video below. Please note, that this video is presented in german language. English version will be soon available.

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