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10 things to know about Connectivity

The DPP's 10 things to know about - Connectivity

Connectivity is integral to our lives and businesses, acting like the blood supply to the vital organs that enable us to do what we do. Without it the broadcast industry couldn’t function.

The DPP has undertaken research among its membership into this vitally important subject, and an interesting picture has emerged. Producers, craft contributors, post houses, service providers and broadcasters all have different experiences of connectivity, and there is very little common understanding. We have found that those working in television production tend to view this subject matter with horror – and with good reason. They find connectivity services complex, expensive and insufficiently tailored to their needs.

This guide will try to create some common understanding. It is aimed particularly at the television production sector – though we hope others will benefit from it also. We aim to provide enough information to understand the basics of what we mean when we talk about connectivity by taking you through the questions below; and to show you how the particular requirements of our industry translate into the kinds of connectivity services you are likely to need:

  • Why does connectivity matter?
  • What is connectivity?
  • What types of connectivity are there?
  • When and where is connectivity used?
  • What connectivity do I need?
  • What can affect my connectivity?
  • Managed or unmanaged?
  • Is it safe?
  • Will it break?
  • And how should I plan for the future?

Please read the document attached (pdf).

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