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10 things you need to know about going live online

The world of live broadcasting online is evolving rapidly.


The world of live broadcasting online is evolving rapidly. In the past couple of years, social platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram have made it possible for anyone with a mobile phone and Internet connection to broadcast live to the world.
But what does it mean for media professionals to make use of the live broadcasting potential of online media platforms? How does it differ from how consumers share live content? What are the pitfalls – and the opportunities?
This guide is designed for professional content producers who want to go live online. It will outline the platforms to consider, how to get set up and how to deliver your broadcast. It will help you think about all the other aspects of live streaming that apply to online content – from rights and compliance, to creating a video on demand copy. And, crucially, it will also help you understand whether you production was successful.

Going Live Online

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