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LockitScript is an iPad app created to manage production scripts & continuity.

LockitScript is an iPad app created to manage production scripts & continuity. The app allows you to automate tasks and makes notes and information required later on in the production and post workflow both digitally available and easy to find.

You can add information and scripts from pre-production software (e.g. Adobe Story, PreProducer, Fuzzlecheck), such as shot numbers and takes, credits, crew lists etc. This information is then "married" to the technical metadata of the clips from camera systems and to the take numbers, deletions and comments on the set.

With Ambient MasterLockit, a timecode Syncmaster, used with certain cameras (e.g. ARRI Alexa , RED ), the technical metadata is transmitted automatically over wifi from the camera to the LockitScript iPad app. Lockit is currently in the process of adding more cameras to this automated workflow.

Data entered during shooting can, with the touch of a button, be shared as necessary to the editor, with dailies and other reports and sent as pdf, ALE or XML files. This saves effort and time for Script / Continuity teams, both on set and in the editing room, as XML or ALE-like metadata exchange formats are immediately available. Paper reports no longer need to be entered manually by edit assistants.

The metadata captured is both descriptive and technical. Logging, stopwatch, photos, multi-stop, and multi-camera support are other features provided by the app.

An iPad Air 2 and iOS 9 or above are recommended for best performance.

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