10 things to know about location workflows

The dpp´s 10 things to know about - location workflows.

2K Mastering

Short Overview

3D Audio

The field of application of 3D audio is highlighted in this article.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud is a very powerful, cross-platform editing platform.

ARRI Webgate

A cloud-based platform for uploading and viewing dailies, grades, edits or other work items.

Assimilate Scratch

Assimilate SCRATCH is an end-to-end colour correction and dailies workflow tool with extensive functionality.

Audio and Video Synchronisation

The main problem of sound in the digital age.

Audio Description

TV and media providers are encouraged to make their programs accessible to hearing and visually impaired people.

Audio Formats and Channel Configuration

There are many technical possibilities available today for sound on television.

AVID Audio Pro Tools

Pro Tools is a digital audio editing, mixing and sound design application, made by Avid.

Avid Media Composer

AVID has been one of the main providers of non-linear editing systems for a long time, thanks to its editing system Media Composer.

Colorfront On-Set Dailies

Is a dedicated colour correction system, designed for fast and secure processing of complex projects involving large amounts of data.


COPRA has been developed by the CinePostproduction GmbH as an iOS app for dailies reviews and approvals, used predominantly on an iPad (although is compatible with other iOS devices).

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve, developed by Blackmagic Design, combines the features of high-end grading with video editing.

Digital Audio and Codecs I

Recording and editing of TV sound is now almost exclusively digital using PCM (Pulse Code Modulation).

Digital Audio and Codecs II

For the transmission of TV sound to the customer, several procedures and audio codecs are available today.

Dolby Metadata and Metadata Presets

Metadata insight for Dolby sound.

DVS Clipster Gen 6

Clipster provides Master for all cinema packages.

Editing Systems Overview

What is possible for sound mix in NLEs?

Filmlight Baselight

Baselight, produced by FilmLight, is one of the most feature-rich and complex colour-correction systems on the international market.

Grass Valley Edius

Strangely enough, the editing software Edius in Germany is mostly unknown.

HDR in grading and shooting - 3/ 3

In-Depth and Best Practice for HDR.

HDR in shooting and grading - 1/ 3

In-depth and best practice for HDR.

HDR in shooting and grading 2 / 3

In-Depth and Best Practice for HDR.

Image Stabilisation

A shaky, blurred video is often a problem.


Across Europe from 2012 onwards, broadcasters have started to adopt and roll out sound mixing and measurement to the new EBU R.128 recommendation.

Mixing in Stereo and Surround Sound

An exciting insight into the mixing aesthetics of the sound.

More Digital Audio Workstations

Steinberg, Nuendo, Sequoia and more in a short

Next Generation Audio and Binaural Recording and Processing

Important for the Future: Next Generation Audio & Binaural Sound Techniques.

Nucoda Filmmaster

The Digital Vision Nucoda grading and finishing system is a comprehensive colour correction and online editing system.

Pomfort Silverstack und Livegrade

In Version 6.4 one of the most comprehensive and advanced data management tools for use on set and in post production.

Rolling Shutter

How to fix Rolling Shutter Effects.

SDUN.NET - My favorite Video Apps

The best apps for title animations with the smartphone.

SDUN.NET - My favorite Video Apps 2

The best apps for video editing with the smartphone.

Sound Quality and Audibility

In recent years, the intelligibility of sound, and in particular the dialogue in films and television programmes has deteriorated alarmingly.

Stereo and Surround Microphones

Most audio from interviews is captured and recorded in mono.

VFX File Exchange

In the high-quality areas of (cinema) film post production and in the area of ​​VFX single-frame sequences are still used as standard.

Video and Audio Track Layouts

To guarantee the safe exchange of programs, the following track and channel assignments are used internationally.